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I just joined out of curiousity since it gives you a review of how mainstream or obscure your music listening habits were and I thought that was interesting. People always brag about how obscure the music they listen to is, and I bet I could outdo everyone. I signed up, and since I named my account after a specific song, I decided to listen to that one first. The recording of it on the site was not very good at all. I decided to look for some of the songs I was listening to earlier, and they weren't even on the site. I am genuinely disappointed that this radio site doesn't have a lot of the music I like to listen to, because, aside from wanting to flaunt some 0% Mainstream rating, I really just wanted a customized radio station. This would have to be a taste of the punishment in Hell for pride.
  • Listening to: The silence of my despair

My grandfather used to say: "Life is astoundingly short. To me, looking
back over it, life seems so foreshortened that I scarcely understand,
for instance, how a young man can decide to ride over to the next
village without being afraid that--not to mention accidents--even the
span of a normal happy life may fall far short of the time needed for
such a journey."

Franz Kafka

Grandfathers ought to know better than that. 
  • Listening to: "Five Years" - David Bowie